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What is a lawn service?

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Article: By Dalton Quigley

What is a lawn service?

Have you ever heard the saying ” The grass is always greener on the other side ? Well this deffinately applies to a person looking down at their feet and noticing that their yard is not as nice as the one across the street. How do you achieve that great looking yard? With people being so busy these days the answer is simple through a Lawn Care Service. What is a Lawn Care Service? How do you get some of this magic stuff that makes your lawn look great?

What is a lawn service? Brentwood TN Lawn Care

Different professions make up lawn care service professional.

You could start by doing a local search like ” Nashville Lawn Care “. This would turn up results on lawn care professionals of different types in the Nashville Tn area. But the results would be confusing since a person who mows yards considers themselves a Lawn Care professional and a person who Lays Sod would say they are a Lawn Care professional and likewise a landscaper or weed spraying company would consider the same. So if so many people consider themselves the same  how do you know what you need or even who you need?

Using search engines to find the right professional.

I think the best way to figure this out is to think about the exact problem you are having. Is the problem weeds growing and taking over? Is the problem bare spots in the yard that do not perform well? Is the problem that the yard is not as green as it should be or do you need a mowing person? If you make your question to the search engine specific you will find a more exact match with your needs.

The right question may be which type of professional do you need?

The answer to the question “What is a Lawn Care Service?” is simple all of the mentioned professionals provide lawn care services. Some companies offer a full package of services from seeding, aeration, mowing, sodding, and more while others simply mow or spray chemicals to control different problem pests or weeds. If you are really wanting a perfectly green lawn with no gaps or weeds then this is nearly impossible in the first place but you can come really close by using professionals who understand what weeds you are dealing with, how much water your lawn needs, when and how much to seed and or fertilize, and proper mowing height and patterns. Always remember in life you get what you pay for so choose your professionals to do your lawn care wisely. Do a little reading up on what goes on in your lawn and choose a knowledgable professional and you will be on the other side with the greener lawn.

Dalton Quigley writes articles for his outdoor project oriented websites. With 20 years of experience he has lots of information to share. With practical knowledge and some humor mixed in he is a pleasure to read. Visit his web site at

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Fescue lawn images up close and from a distance

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Fescue Lawn

By Dalton Quigley

This page has images of Fescue Lawns to better helpl you see what a lawn will look like if you use Fescue Grass.

What does a Fescue Lawn Look Like?

Well, this is what a Fescue Lawn looks like up close and from a distance.

Up Close

Nashville Fescue Lawn

From a Distance

Fescue Lawn from a distance in Nashville

When you need help with your Fescue Lawn call our sponsor listed below.

Servicing the Nashville Tn Middle Tennessee area.

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Nashville Lawn Care

Lawn Care in Nashville is like no other place in the USA. We live in a valley so our climate has some extremes. We have a yearly drought that makes Lawn Care difficult. We have snow falls on average twice a year which makes warm season grasses die or go dormant. We also live in an ancient sea bed so our soil is limestone ( sea shells ) and clay. So as a consequence we need aeration, fertilization, and seeding each year.

Tennessee Lawns get weeds.

Tennessee is known for having lawns that grow plenty of weeds. Weed spraying or granular applications are common: Our Sponsors use the latest techniques to manage weeds without breaking the bank. Call our Sponsors below for a weed free green yard.


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3 ways to know fescue lawn is in trouble

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By Dalton Quigley

We all love those Tall Fescue Lawns that are green all winter and thick
and wonderful in the summer but sometimes they fall into trouble. What is a person to do if Fescue is suffering and how can you tell when it needs attention?

Nashville Fescue Lawn

Way 1.

Your Fescue lawn should be dark green, thick, and tall. Here in Middle Tennessee Fescue goes by the name Tall Fescue for a reason. You should be growing your grass at least 4″ tall. When your lawn is grown to the proper hight it will block out light for Bermuda to invade, store the proper nutrients and water in the leaves, and grow right up against the plant next to it and make a thick lawn. If your Fescue is looking Gray this is a sure sign of Dehydration. Sometimes you can look straight on at your grass and it looks healthy and green. Take a look at the lawn from different angles and you will see areas that need water by the graying that takes place when Fescue is thirsty instead of dark green. Also the blades begin to thin.

Way 2.

When your Blades of Fescue Grass are getting really thin and weak looking they shrivel up and this is a sure sign of dehydration. Unfortunately Dehydration is one of the main factors in destroying a beautiful Fescue property. Your blades of Fescue should have a range of widths because of different varieties in a typical mix of seed but you will certainly know the difference when all of the widths of grass are extremely out of the normal size and really thin. This thinning makes gaps in the lawn.

Way 3.

Large gaps between the Fescue grass plants in your lawn promote weeds, and faster drying of the soil which will also contribute to a lack of nutrients. Moist soils make nutrients available to your Lawn. Fescue will wither in the summer due to summer dormancy which is common to all Fescue turf grasses. This is a process the Fescue has learned to survive droughts in the Tennessee and Kentucky area. When light can get to the soil along with moisture summer weeds will begin to take over. We always recommend an irrigation system when a client wants to grow a Fescue lawn. Irrigating helps to keep the watering on a regular schedule even when you are busy and cannot do it. When the grass is well watered the plants are large and they fill up the gaps which helps to prevent weeds.

If your Fescue is looking Gray it is a sign of dehydration. If the blades of grass are shrinking and shriveling it is suffering and needs water. So give your lawn a good soaking watering and you will see great results, and if you see large gaps between your Fescue plants you know it is a dehydrated lawn. The main cure for these problems is regular watering and an irrigation system is the best solution.

To find out more information on what could be causing your grass problems Contact us.

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Backyard Landscaping for Enjoyable Spaces

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Doing Backyard Landscaping for Enjoyable Spaces

When you look at your backyard, do you still enjoy it? Or do you lament how it looks? Your backyard plays a vital role with how you mentally feel about your home. It can either break or make your living spaces. No matter how you look at it, your backyard is a vital factor that will affect your level of satisfaction.
In this post, let us go through some of the ways on how you can improve your backyard to transform it into an enjoyable space.
Back yard landscape enjoyment

Clean your backyard

The best and easiest way to enjoy your backyard is to clean it. This means that you have to get rid of dry leaves, weeds, trash, and other unnecessary things that might clutter your backyard. If your backyard has puddle of mud or maybe pooling of water, you need to fill it will additional soil to make the area flatter. Mow your lawn as well and do not let grass grow too tall. Dirty and poorly maintained backyard may invite flies, rodents and snakes.
Slowly add improvements you can afford
When you look at your neighbor’s backyard, you might find swimming pool, fish ponds, barbeque grills, outdoor fireplaces, and other amenities. While these can be a wonderful addition to your own backyard, it is important that you become financially realistic. If you can afford extreme backyard makeover, then I don’t see any harm to that. However, if your budget will not permit you to immediately add amenities on your backyard, you can simply improve it progressively as your budget permits.

Start your own garden

Your backyard can be a perfect area to start your own little garden projects. You can focus your garden on ornamental plants, fruits, or vegetables. Gardens are very effective in improving the appearance of your backyard. It will not only serve as backyard beautifying agent, but it can provide you with fresh fruits and vegetables. You can turn gardening as an enjoyable moment with your loved ones by gardening together.

Hire a professional landscaper

There are a lot of professional landscaping companies or freelancers today that can help you improve your backyard or front yard. In the front some materials may be stone for walkways, and walls or even stone looking concrete that is used for walkways and even driveway pavers. They offer affordable prices and will design your backyard with pathways, plants, fountains, stones, and other elements of landscaping. You can work together with the landscaper and discuss with them how you would like your backyard to look like. With their expert suggestions, I am sure that you will enjoy your backyard even more after the project is done.
Transform your backyard into an outdoor field.
Depending upon the size of your backyard, there are different games that you can play. In order to do this, you just need to make your backyard more conducive for games. You can add game-related objects such as balls, rings, plates, goal posts, and many others. You can even involve your dog in the game.
These are some of the ways you can improve your backyard to make it more enjoyable. It takes a lot of effort as you begin to transform your yard, but eventually, you will find realize that your efforts are all worth it.

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