Going Professional or DIY? Decisions to Make about Your Lawn Care

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By Dalton Quigley

Here are some ideas that will help you reach a conclusion as to whether do the lawn work yourself or hire a professional.

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A well-kept lawn is the result of hard work and several hours spent mowing, trimming, the edging grass and hedges. However, all that hard work and long hours are things you can either do on your own, or pay a professional to take care of for you.

Going the do-it-yourself route or hiring a professional lawn care provider is a choice many homeowners ponder upon, especially those who already know the difficulties of caring for a lawn on their own. Lawn care is of course, not a rocket science, but it’s not a simple affair either—it’s easy to assume it’s all just mowing.

DIY Pros and Cons

Perhaps the biggest benefit of going the do-it-yourself path is in how it allows you to develop a keen understanding of what it takes to care for lawns. Things like sod or grass types, fertilizer choices, and frequency of fertilizer application often don’t get the attention that they should, and going DIY helps you gain a better appreciation of these factors.

Some factors you can expect to tackle include:

• Getting a soil analysis performed

• The exact manner of mowing your lawn, and whether to keep it short or long

• Acquisition of tools need to maintain the lawn

• Frequency of watering the lawn, as well as the volume of water to give it

Another benefit of going DIY is that it can often turn out cheaper for you over the long run. Sure, you’ll probably get off to a bumbling start, making costly mistakes and needless purchases for your lawn maintenance, but again, as you develop a better understanding of your lawn, you get to make more informed, more personal decisions on your lawn’s care.

Hiring a Professional

Hiring a professional is easy, quick, and simple. Of course, it doesn’t come cheap, but for many homeowners, hiring a professional lawn care provider is the most practical thing to do. After all, not everyone has time to spend hours researching and practicing the craft of lawn maintenance. In addition, many people don’t care much for a hands-on approach to things.

Just remember that when hiring professionals to care for your lawn, the cheapest offer isn’t necessarily the best. Some person who claims to be a ‘pro’ may just be a laid off worker who decided to borrow his neighbor’s lawn mower and distribute flyers to advertise his services. Needless to say, you don’t want this guy all over your property.

Always make a background check on service providers in your area and investigate your options carefully. Don’t let cheap rates be your priority in this situation—you want quality, not sloppy work.

Bottom Line

If you can make the commitment to spend time to learn and work on your lawn properly, doing it yourself can be a fun way for you to get an intimate idea on lawn maintenance. If you can’t, you can have a manicured lawn by paying the professionals to take care of things for you. Thank you as always for visiting us to get great gardening tips . If you decide to hire a lawn care professional you should see this page.

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