How to remove crabgrass from your yard!

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By Dalton Quigley
How do you remove crabgrass from a yard?

How to remove crab grass from your Nashville yard has been a difficult topic for lawn care pros for a long time. Crab grass can be removed a few ways and also prevented for the most part. Controlling this agrivating pesky grass can bring some satisfaction.

Nutt Sedge and Crab Grass in the image below:

Nutt Sedge and Crab grass

Crabgrass is already in your yard!

Crabgrass is a common weed grass found in lawns across the Southern United States and Nashville is  no exception. Crabgrass invades by air born seeds that wait dormant in the soil until the heat of Summer  germinates them. Even fresh sod can get invaded by Crabgrass. Once a crabgrass seed germinates it becomes a plant that makes a stringy root system that is hard to remove by hand. If you pull the plant it is likely to break and leave enough root system to make another one just like it. The problem comes in where this plant will grow big enough to seed and make more of itself very fast. Then the problem is multiplied a thousand times as your yard becomes a field of crabgrass.

Hand Pulling

Hand pulling this weed usually only removes one plant but doesn’t stop the thousands of others from invading. There are chemicals that control crabgrass but they must  be applied early in the process of growth of the plant and again a couple of times during the season to keep it under control. Chemical Companies like Green Scene of Nashville will come to your home, evaluate your weed problem, and design a program to get these pesky plants under control.You must get control early in the season with pre-emergents.


Pre-emergents are chemicals that prevent the crabgrass seed from germinating in the first place and so this should be applied before the temperatures become hot enough for germination. Lawn Spraying Companies apply fertilizers early in the growing season, a pre-emergent is mixed in to control crabgrass then so you get a jump on the season and hopefully prevent most of the problem grasses from ever existing in the first place. No weeds = no new seeds to spread the weeds and therefore you get the lawn you want.

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Crabgrass is a problem all across the Nashville and the rest of the southern United States and it can be controlled. Pulling this weed doesn’t work for a whole yard but there is a remedy. You are going to fertilize your yard anyway in the Spring so why not have a company spray the yard and get the benefit of Pre-emergents to prevent the weeds before they become a problem? Your yard will thank you and your neighbors will comment on your mostly weed free yard.

Dalton Quigley writes articles for his outdoor project oriented websites. With 17 years of experience he has lots of information to share. With practical knowledge and some humor mixed in he is a pleasure to read. Visit him here Nashville Landscaping

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