Nashville Seeding

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By Dalton Quigley

Nashvile Seeding

Nashville Bermuda Grass Seed Example, image of a hand holding bermuda seeds ready for seeding a lawn.

Nashville Bermuda Grass Seed

There are different types of grass seed available to the Nashville area:

Whenever spreading seed you should help to hide it from birds by using straw unless you have grass already established.


– Extremely difficult to establish. – Tolerates Heat Very well. Full Sun Only! – Winter = Tan to Brown – Don’t have to reseed.


– Relatively easy to establish. – Tolerates Heat with Consistent Watering. – Tolerates Some Shade. Evergreen – Have to reseed and should aerate.


– Relatively easy to establish. –  Less Tolerant of Heat. Tolerates Some Shade. Evergreen – Have to reseed and should aerate.

Zoysia Grass

– Very Tolerant of Heat and Drought – Tolerates Some Shade – Never Reseed – Cannot be Seeded has to be Sod or Plugs. – Do not have to Aerate.

How do I figure out how much seed to use?

The first thing you need to understand is the amount of grass seed you will need is based on how thick your yard already is and the overall square footage by the amount of pounds per square feet for that thickness. The grass you already have is established and will help you to save a little money because you will buy a smaller volume to seed your lawn. So how thick is it? Is it very thick, does it have huge gaps in the grass areas, is it really thin? What is your square footage? Take a measuring tape and measure the length times the width for each major area and add those numbers for a total square footage. With this information you are ready to look up application rates for grass seed for each of the different varieties of turf grasses we grow here in Tennessee.

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