What should I do about Moss in my Lawn?

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Moss in the Lawn?

If you have moss growing in your lawn there are only a couple of options that will help.

First let me ask does the moss bother you or do you think it is hurting the lawn?

What can be done about Moss in lawns?

Is the moss hurting my lawn?

The moss is taking nutrients, and space that your grass plants would otherwise inhabit. If you continue to grow moss you may not be able to establish a lawn in that area. By improving the soil and drainage of an area you can eliminate the proper habitat the moss needs.

How does moss start up in a lawn?

Moss is a sign of acidity in the soil, poorly draining soils, or an under maintained area where organic matter, shade, and moisture come together in just the right amounts to create a habitat for moss. Perhaps the area was once wooded and had decaying leaves and other matter that made the soil acidic. This is the cause of moss in lawns. Soil PH should be slightly acidic but in order to grow moss it needs to be elevated from that. The acid in the soil does affect your ability to grow healthy grass plantsĀ  in that area.

What can be done to lower the acidity so my grass will grow normally?

I asked this question on Google+ and Lawn Care Savannah GA. Said “Add compost or bone meal to improve the soil Ph. Lime will also work. ”
Way to go for a great answer!

We use lime that comes as a powder in bags, it is sold at local nurseries, and garden centers. If you visit one of your local mom and pop garden centers they will be able to guide you as to how to apply the lime. We use a standard sized broadcast spreader.

I have treated and I still have moss in my lawn

Since the acidity of an area of soil may be deep the treatment may take some time to work down into the dirt to a point where it neutralizes the negative effects of the acid. It is possible for the acid to overcome your efforts with time but if you are patient and keep after it you will eventually defeat the acid in your soil.

If you need help curing a moss problem in the lawn get in touch with us at Quigley’s Landscaping in the Nashville area at Landscape Company.

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