In Nashville when should pre-emergents be put down in the lawn / turfgrass area?

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When should you start using pre-emergents in the lawn to prevent crabgrass?

Here is a question I was asked in March of 2014 on a social network.

Dalton – When are you recommending putting down pre-emergent this year for preventing crabgrass? —
Here is my answer — ” Wow I haven’t started thinking crabgrass yet. I believe you can put it down shortly just be sure to not put it down just before seeding in the fall. If the one you use is good for 45 days then put it down starting when you feel you have gotten the most out of the seed that has already germinated from the fall. If you are happy with the coverage you got with your seeding and want to keep out weeds like crabgrass you should put it down soon because henbit, chickweed and other spring grasses start germinating early. They will grow up and block out light your turfgrass needs. ”

Your Pre-emergent needs.

Do you really need pre-emergents in the lawn? Yes you do if you want a lawn that is mostly the type of grass you have paid to have installed in your lawn area. Pre-emergents prevent any seeds that get into the lawn from germinating. It also prevents seeds that are burried and havent grown yet from sprouting so only apply it after your current seeding has completely started growing.

How do I get pre-emergents into my lawn

The most common way is to hire a spraying company to put your lawn into their schedule for spraying durring the proper times of year.
Pre-emergents are included in the mix of spraying companies during the growing season. Also in the mix is fertilizer and a broadleaf weed killer. You can also buy this product yourself. Contact me for a recommended supplier in your area. 615-715-8216

When are you planning to put down pre-emergent? Which product do you use? What type of grass are you growing?

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